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The Circle of Tyrants – South of Heaven lyrics

[Verse 1: Necro]

I’m carving a carcass, I’m a starving artist
Like Emerson Lake and Palmer when they recorded Tarkus
I’m a commando, knocking you out like Fernando Vargas
Similar to Brando in Apocalypse
I’ll burn you like the eyes of Cyclopse when he drops his shades
You can’t stop the blades, you’ll get crushed like you’re in the back of a garbage truck
Now you’re just cartilage, mushed like the Battle of Carthage
My archers bring carnage upon my archenemies, sacrificed like a partridge
Calico cartridges are a God’s gift
During beef with fifteen cats where sixteen caps just wouldn’t do it
I need at least one hundred and fifty rounds to lay em all down
Dead forever, exposing their red fluids
Boxes of bullets for coppers and oxes obnoxious
Rocking the wool rich arctic jacket with a dew rag over my optics
Ratchet Glock gocked, ready for action
Light cigar, force you to pop lock till you fracture your bones, I manufacture
The dopest narcotics to hit since crack hit the streets
In capsules a few years after Blondie Rapture

[Chorus: Necro]

The flow is south of heaven
Satanic underground, death metal rap
Progressive verbal shredding
South of heaven
Street shit, you know the steelo
I’ll be stabbing you in the jugular vein in your neck
Like Pesci in the beginning of Casino

[Verse 2: Mr. Hyde]

I got a bad blood fetish, split open your lettuce
And bust through your whole crew like Jerome Bettis
The police dread us, we’re sick and elusive
And put massacres on the Channel 2 news clip
Don’t you slip, the tyrants are waiting
For your downfall, to shove eighty blades in
Straight-up degrading, spitting the hardest
Worst shit you’ve ever heard, turn you into a carcass
Marksmen handguns, licking at random
Empty out a clip then jet like a phantom
The circle of serpents, villains your worship
We’re hexing the earth with curses and verses
Ain’t no stopping the doctrine of death
I’m shocking like rocking an ox in your neck
On the ? stalking, patiently hawking
Sitting on your couch, waiting for you to walk in
Ambush attack with an axe in your back
Dripping red like a strawberry daiquiri, black
I’ll carve my name in the slain victim
Sluts I abduct get fucked and drip cum
Change up the flow, kill every ho slow
I hang around death like Brandon Lee’s crow
The Tyrants taint your headsets with death
Bleed CD’s and rape your tape decks


[Verse 3: Goretex]

Dust your sludge, thugging for goons
Bugging out my jail, ? for shrooms
Acid too, ?
Rocking Dennis the mask, catch two in your basket
Reign in blood, the reason we take drugs
The reason we rape nuns
? stay caked up, we laced up
Young pigtails clicked for purchase
? now we’re setting fire to churches
Earthless, stay up in the telly with nurses
My verse will ? on virgins
You know you heard of us, hit the cranium
I’m just a quiet kid, bricks of uranium
I see the haters and faggot knapsacks
Keep it real, ‘85 exodus backpack
Glenwood reps it, Howie with crack packs
All eyes on me, turn ? to flapjacks
Marinate, let the crack settle, we’re rebels
Satan get behind the money, this is black metal
The young wizard behind a wall of sleep
Whatever my dreams, my minds playing tricks on me
I’m mad, homie
These chicks wanna piss on me
Stuffing pills in my mouth, tie me up against the beat
Suicide girls throw a tit to me, it’s infamy
Ain’t no mystery, it’s misery, hit the symphony


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got a bad blood fetish, split open your lettuce
    And bust through your whole crew like Jerome Bettis ( the former runningback of the steelers)

    if u cant figure out lyrics… use common sense… if it doesnt make sense it probably isnt right

  2. hatt says:

    i remember googling him when i transcribed these lyrics. the n’s were a typo. thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think mr hides part says on the prowl stalking patiently hawking

  4. Bro-D_TheChosenOG says:


    “I’ll burn you like the eyes of Cyclops when he drops his shades”
    “Like Segal, force you to pop lock till you fracture your bones”
    (as in Steven Segal)

    Necro (hook):
    “I’ll be stabbing you in the jugular vein of your neck”

    “Industrial sludge, thuggin’ for goons”
    Bugging out my jail, bitches stashing blasted shrooms” (i think its “blasted”)
    “Acid too, dipped up jewels from Cassius”
    “Medinah stay caked up, we laced up”
    (as in Goretex Medinah, one of his many aliases)
    “Call the fédérés now we’re setting fire to churches” (do your research on the “fédérés”)
    “My verse will reconstruct the face tissue on virgins”
    “All eyes on me, turn fridas to flapjacks”
    (Fridas sounds like mexican cuisine to me lol i’m taking a huge guess!)

  5. Bro-D_TheChosenOG says:

    Lol im terribly wrong about the “dipped up jewels from Cassius” line from Goretex


    “dipped up jewels from caskets” 🙂

  6. Black Metal says:

    You people need to do your fucking research. Gore’s verse is full of Black metal references. THe line about burning churches has nothing to do with the federes. The line goes “calling Fenriz, now we setting fire to churches”. Fenriz is the drummer for the Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone. The Norwegian black metal scene in the early nineties was responsible for setting off several church burnings and murders. Know your shit!

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