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Slaine – Cocaine & Blue Eyes lyrics

Hey yo I’m back motherfuckers if you thought I left you
It’s the white devil, mic level skills still exceptional
My last will and testament, that of a villain’s estimate
I got yous all high, you swallowed my pill of pestilence
Raw punch from a punch drunk bum
With a gun full of bullets, run when I dump some
Whatchu reppin’? I don’t care where you cunts from
My balls are one ton, drawers are undone
I still sniff coke when it’s raw till I’m numb
And I ain’t stopping, I’m doing more till I’m done
I rose from the bottom, they figured the kid’s won
I fuck actresses and your bitches are bigger than Big Pun
Quite an ascension for me, you gotta admit it
They recognise me, think I played the lotto and hit it
The days passed, I waited for tomorrow to get it
I had an appetite for destruction, needed a bottle to wet it
Now I’m the talk of the prison and detoxes, half-way houses
These kids watched my metamorphis
This is what it is, my time is due
The white man is the devil, this is volume two

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