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Diabolic – Sideshow lyrics

thanks to B-Pun for the lyrics

Haha.  You outdid yourself on this one Domingo.  But you gotta stop trying to fuck fat bitches on my space.  For real dawg.

[Verse 1:]

Motherfuckers want to die, they want to bring the drama, why
I’m never one to law abide, I’ll kill those who I’m cornered by
I’m leaving people mortified, you should heed the warning signs
What I say are more than rhymes, bless you like the lord divine
Seems as though I lost my mind, sharper than a porcupine
Psycho on the border line, a genius with no corporate grind
Walk the line like Johnny Cash, and put you in a body cast
I rap like there’s a polygraph attached to my honkey ass
Bolic’s like a godly wrath, on the illuminati’s path
Problem is I’m probably smashed, starring at some hottie’s ass
Challenge me, watch me laugh, balls are made of solid brass
You just ain’t in Bolic’s class, hope you got you wallet stashed
Dealing with a lying thief, grinding on a silent creek
‘Cause every single time I speak, tsunamis hit a quiet beach
So I’mma take a giant leak, flying from the highest peak
Saying that your rhymes are weak, and I would die for my beliefs


The game is a sideshow, circus where nines blow
So as long as I play, I’ll ride ’till I die slow
But before I go, I’m making sure y’all know
Ain’t nobody in this game, fuckin’ with my flow

[Verse 2:]

I ran up in the Pearly Gates, they like you ain’t worthy wait
You were born, we curse the date but when I rapped the earth would shake
Laughin’ when I learned my fate, snappin’ rappers vertebrates
I clap ’em with the 38, and jackin’ up the murder rate
Bolic never perpetrate, I’d rather spit or burst your hate
The needle of someone’s serving plate, take a bite regurgitate
Grinding thru the worst mistakes, payin’ dues workin’ late
Givin’ y’all a burst of faith, that hip-hop’s still worth its weight
Kid’s at home do no attempt, to go the places Bolic went
I ain’t here dropping gems, shit man it’s common sense
No the one to plot against, I’ll hit you with a socket wrench
And throw you in a box and clench, headbutting your optic lens
Diabolic’s marching toward, barricade and guard the door
He’s letting out the carnivore to cut you with the sharpest sword
Why the fuck you starting for, divide and conquer, art of war
Game is mine, far from yours, lock it down, martial law


Here we go

[Verse 3:]

I was raised in greater days, before all this play is played
Before all mistakes were made, when skill major take the stage
Now I burn an eighth of haze, and I ain’t here to place charades
Blood spores with razor blades, and vodka in my gatorade
Pop ya if you playa braid, raining on your gay parade
Pissin’ on my neighbours grave, juggling like eight grenades
Pave the way with nuttin’ bling, but knuckles with a couple rings
Put my hands up and swing, you won’t do a fuckin’ thing
So anti up, place your bets, bet that I could take your breath
Stab you with a bayonet, faster than I break a sweat
Nuttin’ but decayin’ flesh, in a box laid to rest
Starin’ in the face of death, like a pair of naked breast
Follow me like Dave Koresh, prophecy in ancient text
Payin’ off my haze connect, incineratin’ space cadets
Dinner time the table’s set, for real cats to gain respect
Choking out a label rep, make sure you stay in check


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