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Snowgoons feat. Big Shug, Special Teamz, and Singapore Kane – 40 Barz lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m not a dufflebag boy but a suitcase man With documents inside to make you some grams Have sex with hot ladies who got big cans ? murder ? Quick forty large, got forty scars Got it in ?, spit forty bars For all of those who likes to talk shit a lot […]

Snowgoons feat. Savage Bros – Buried lyrics

[Chorus x 2] Black hoodies, black gloves, black shirt Put you under the dirt, putting devils to work Black jeans, black boots, hat low Fuck with the Savage Bros, get buried in black snow [Verse 1] Burning on trees, ganja ?, no sticks, no seeds  Chief that green leaf, mind stay at peace, contraband in […]

Snowgoons feat. Lord Lhus – My Time lyrics

[Intro] Yo it’s fucking cold out here. It’s the fucking coldest winter ever this year. [Chorus] I been doing this for years, can’t stop me it’s my time Paying dues, shedding tears, a must that I shine How must did I climb? Enough abused time My views, my struggle, my stress, my rhyme [Verse 1] […]

Snowgoons feat. Third Kind – Suicide lyrics

A few mistakes/unsure lyrics. Fill em in if you can. Thanks. [Verse 1: Dwell] Yo you’re like a ? mass hysteria, crash barriers And mess up with that fly shit like aircraft carriers Now who’s inferior? Hearing my name in your area Like the worms in your interior eating ya when they bury ya Yo, […]

Snowgoons feat. Eternia – The Spell lyrics

[Intro] – I put a spell on you (I had a dream) and now you’re mine. – That this business cast a spell on everybody (you can’t stop the things I do) so that we didn’t know what we were listening to or doing; we just did it like zombies but huh.. [Verse 1] Fuck […]