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East Coast Avengers – Win / Win Situation lyrics

[Intro] It’s all there! It’s all there in those books on the shelf! Suppression breeds violence! You see that kid? Last week he just wanted to get laid.. now he wants to kill somebody! You should have let him get laid! [Verse 1] I want rage splattered on the front page I want everybody’s focus […]

East Coast Avengers – Avengers Assemble lyrics

[Intro] Hah, yeah. (Who are you, mister?) Hah, you know the name. East Coast returns, back to burn. Huh, DC with the murderous track. Trademarc on my back. Graphic novel shit. [Verse 1] Yo, we hold it together, moulded together Motherfuckers wanna battle but they’re frozen in terror The error of the pterodactyl is back […]

East Coast Avengers – Let It Knock lyrics

[Verse 1] You know I rhyme about murdering mics Spit about personal gripes Rap about the words that I write in burgundy Nikes When I be serving the tykes I’m like your nasty nemesis, the Eso terrorist – reversin your flights You know I think about how I need a girl who knows what good […]

East Coast Avengers feat. Statik Selektah and Celph Titled – East Coast Overdose lyrics

[Verse 1: Trademarc] We’re young, bored, not dumb, self-absorbed Numb heroes unsung Now I’ve been holding my tongue (Why?) Cause slang sound dumb when you’re over thirty-one When you’re overdone, over-hyped, overpaid Overnight stars can’t write two bars without an oversight Fronting like an overbite It’s only right (What?) there’s been a lot of lonely […]

East Coast Avengers feat. Termanology and Apathy – Vengeance lyrics

[Verse 1: Esoteric] I’m getting that feeling, I feel like ripping and killing Until my system is filling, until my diction is illing Until I drip penicillin, until I’m victim and villain And vilified as a vigilante ? is uncanny ? vindication The only verdict is vengeance, a vanguard And you should know the inspiration […]

East Coast Avengers – Kill Bill O’Reilly lyrics

[Chorus] I wipe the dirt from my hands as I walk from your grave Those ain’t facts, those are lies in the statements you made So we gotta get em get em We gotta chill em chill em We gotta get em get em We gotta kill em kill em [Verse 1: Esoteric] You don’t […]

East Coast Avengers – The Trouble With Motorcades lyrics

[Verse 1: Esoteric] Hm, would I take a bullet for him? I’d rather find a radical trigger and pull it for him I know he got his head up ass, someone should set up his ass Sniper rifle, put some lead up his ass Go blasting but as I say that I pray that it […]

East Coast Avengers – Clean Conscience lyrics

[Verse 1: Trademarc] I’m an ego megalomaniac Lex Luthor Brainiac Gorilla Grodd in a fog, legion of doom Season of gloom, Solomon Grundy meeting King Kong Bundy Ain’t a single one among me in the room Wanna meet the bang of the boom Click of the clack just as soon luminous shadow Until the battle […]

East Coast Avengers – A Valiant Effort lyrics

[Verse 1: Trademarc] My ears are ringing, it’s like children singing or humming I’m numb and I’m thinking it’s nothing I’m confused by the booze and medication It’s modern-day meditation My generation sees that combination as an expectation Half-done, I’m moving in slo-mo Through an imitation of life, it’s like an illustration or a photo […]

East Coast Avengers – Hey America lyrics

[Gil Scott-Heron talking] We beg your pardon, America. We beg your pardon because the pardon you gave this time was not yours to give. They call it due process and some people are overdue. Somebody said brotherman is gonna break a window or steal a hubcap or gonna smoke a joint and brotherman gonna go […]