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Steven King feat. Ill Bill – M16 lyrics

[Chorus] Holding the M16 Holding the M16 Holding the M16 I’m extreme now Bullet holes are left in people people Bullet holes are left in people people [Verse 1] I feel like this is Ronin, don’t know what’s in this case I’m holding Is it an M16? Make my heart pump faster, it makes me […]

Steven King feat. Ill Bill, Cyn Roc – In Da Hood lyrics

[Verse 1: Ill Bill] I’ve done horrible things, I’ll cut your fingers off for a diamond ring I’ll fuck you up so bad you’ll have morticians vomiting My drug music blow off steam like soldiers with blown off legs delirious from the morphine It’s Bill Braunstein, I kill your team, steal your cream Steal your […]

Steven King feat. Ill Bill, Cyn Roc, and E-Dot – Howie Made Me Do it lyrics

Steven King mixtape: [Chorus: Steven King] I hear loud niggas talking but they don’t really want it My gauge’ll blow your motherfucking brains out Soon as you act retarded the gat’ll start sparking I’ll show you what my motherfucking name bout I’mma do what I gotta do, I ain’t taking no shorts And get […]

La Coka Nostra feat. Steven King and Skam2 – Straight Illin lyrics

[Verse 1: Steven King] I’m a real nigga, catch me on the streets before you catch me on Twitter Take a look, cops got books with faces, I call it a real Facebook Gotta grab my gun, that Kool G rap that got a brother on the run I be a Slumdog Millionaire before a […]