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La Coka Nostra feat. Badnews and Jaysaun – This Is The End lyrics

[Verse 1: Badnewz] Too many kings, not enough crowns, the circus left town And forgot the clowns, colourful suits with Bozo’s boots Jumping through hoops juggling fruit, these rappers is cooch ? douche clitoris lips, your gimmick is chips Dressing like Prince, no respect, metrosex throwing up sets It makes me vexed middle-sex like the […]

La Coka Nostra – Kill The Emperor lyrics

[Chorus] I think I would if I could kill the emperor Let’s stop the war, feed the poor, let’s kill the emperor Let’s stop the lies, the dead can’t rise, silence every mother’s cries I think I would if I could kill the emperor [Verse 1] Yo it’s like Resident Evil The emperor’s people don’t […]

La Coka Nostra feat. Jaysaun – Going Out In A Blaze lyrics

Thanks, Hamel! [Verse 1: Slaine] If I owned a nuclear bomb then I’d sell it to Obama to aim at Osama Kill a million people with no karma I won’t harm a child or civilian To save my son’s life I’ll annihilate a million A fucked up thing, isn’t it though? The whole world’s evil, […]

La Coka Nostra – Can’t Live Like This lyrics

[Chorus: Everlast x 2] I can’t live like this no more They know my name at the liquor store I get high, give dick to hoes I can’t live like this no more [Verse 1: Ill Bill] Lost in the bottle, of course I’m the bottom of the barrel No apparel except for being a […]

La Coka Nostra feat. Steven King and Skam2 – Straight Illin lyrics

[Verse 1: Steven King] I’m a real nigga, catch me on the streets before you catch me on Twitter Take a look, cops got books with faces, I call it a real Facebook Gotta grab my gun, that Kool G rap that got a brother on the run I be a Slumdog Millionaire before a […]

La Coka Nostra feat. Crooked I – Die Hard lyrics

[Verse 1: Ill Bill] I’m America’s nightmare, smiling face of a gangster nation Never ask for favours or affidavits, I’m double dutch like Rancid blazing I’m double clutch like phantoms racing I’m in the cut like a laceration stacking paper Never plan vacations, plan assassinations Truthfully I’d rather draft a business plan for Satan Fascinated […]

William Cooper feat. Ill Bill – Beware The Pale Horse lyrics

[Verse 1: Ill Bill] Guerilla Star Wars weapons systems Controlling my thoughts plus several pistols The good shepherd listens exercising mental figures Illuminati enterprises with relentless interest With it I enter the streets, conspiracy left to witness Death and sickness stretch across the wilderness, etched in the scriptures Molested temptresses whisper, pleasures of sex with […]

La Coka Nostra – Made You Look lyrics

ytaudio(Jloa9BcBm4U) [Verse 1: Ill Bill] The Llama you came to drag me to Hell Demons attack where sanity dwell Humanity fell from the mouth of a ? profanity hill That was fist-raised jaggedy nail Illuminati grail, seven seal nations battle Gods where devils kneel Rebels sprayed by assassins with shells Crazy adolescents that kill, Mac […]

La Coka Nostra feat. Snoop Dogg – Bang Bang lyrics

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg] If they’re taking what you earn and you always getting burned Put their face on the curb, you gots to bang bang They either take what you got or they’re blowing up the spot I don’t care if he’s a cop, you gots to bang bang Jealousy is a bitch, if he […]

Slaine – Mistaken Identity lyrics

Yo turn this up in your whip. Slaine and Static Select on this shit. Push the seat back and turn the system up. True story. Pay attention to the details. [Scratching] Thinking about the robbery last week Hey you world, wanna hear a story? This is the tale of lost innocence Stickup kids that’s out […]